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VA Education Benefits Enrollment Form 2022 - 2023

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Once you are a matriculated student, all future email communication generated from the UoR Military & Veteran Services Office will be sent to your University student provided email account.
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I can always opt out of receiving contact from the Campus Peer Advisor by sending an email to or informing the Peer Mentor Advisor when contacted.
I want more information on how to become a Military Campus Peer Mentor.*
The Military Campus Peer Mentor will assist new military-affiliated students with their transition to their new academic environment and social aspects of the university (with direct direction from MVS Director and/or Advisor) by serving as a role model, mentor and resource.
I want information on serving on the MVS Student Advisor Team.*
The mission of the MVS Student Advisory Team is to assist with barriers faced by student veterans, to reduce stigma associated with seeking services, encourage a positive campus climate, and provide valuable information to UOR faculty and staff.
I would like my student email to be added to the Military & Veteran Services Portal located on the Moodle Dashboard. This will allow the MVS Portal to appear on my Moodle Dashboard in the same context and accessibility as registered courses. *
This is an easier way to stay informed on Office updates; VA updates; DoD updates; Military and Veterans Career and & Professional Services; On Campus and Off Campus Resources; Events and additional important news and announcements. By clicking checking this box, I acknowledge and understand that I will be visible to other military-affiliated students on the Military& Veteran Services Page in Moodle (as it appears in all other courses I participate in).
I would like the UofR Military Career Specialist to contact me for:


Branch of Service*
Military Status*
Indicate the VA Education Benefits you will be utilizing*
Post 9/11 Eligibility Percentage:*
Have you received VA Education Benefits before?*

Document required for: 

  1. Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33)
    • Certificate of Eligibility or Benefits Entitlement Statement (can obtain from ebenefits:
    • If you are completing and submitting your application for the first time, upload a Word Document stating “Application for VA Education Benefits completed and submitted to VA for processing”
  2. Montgomery GI Bill® (Chapter 30 or Chapter 1606) 
    • Certificate of Eligibility or Benefits Entitlement Statement (can obtain from ebenefits:
  3. Dependent Education Assistance (Chapter 35)
    • Certificate of Eligibility or Benefits Entitlement Statement (can obtain from ebenefits:
      • must contact U0R MVS office to provide veteran service number or social security number
  4. VR&E (Chapter 31) - Previously Vocational Rehabilitation Program 
    • VR& E Counselor will submit authorization via Tungsten
      Since we are awaiting this document from your counseling, please upload a word document and write 
      “Awaiting 28-1905 from Voc Rehab Counselor – will be submitted via Tungsten”
  5. Guest Student
    • Course approval for required courses for your degree at UOR that are being taken at another institution.
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File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Please ensure you have redacted any social security numbers before uploading and submitting any documentation.
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File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Please ensure you have redacted any social security numbers before uploading and submitting any documentation.


Indicate School Attending*
Indicate Degree Pursuit*
Indicate semesters you will be utilizing your VA Education Benefits for the 2022-2023 academic school year*
*Other: Indicate specific dates if you are requesting retroactive payment, enrollment dates not within the time period specified, or enrolled in CAS May Term.

Credit hours Explanation on VA Education Benefits

School of College of Arts and Science

12 credit hours or more
Full Training time
11 – 9 credit hours
¾ Training time
8 – 6 credit hours
½ Training time
5 or less
Less than half time

School of Education 

6 credit hours or more
Full Training time
5 – 4.5 credit hours
¾ Training time
4 – 3 credit hours
½ Training time
2 or less
Less than half time

School of Business Undergraduate

6 credit hours or more
Full Training time
5 – 4 credit hours
¾ Training time
3 credit hours
½ Training time
2 or less
Less than half time


4 credit hours or more
Full Training time
3 credit hours
¾ Training time
2 credit hours
½ Training time
1or less
Less than half time

*For students in receipt of the post-9/11 GI Bill®, Monthly housing allowance is affected by:

  • If you are enrolled in half time training courses – you will not receive a monthly housing stipend
  • If you are only enrolled in distance learning courses – you will receive the exclusively online training amount of $894.50 per month


VA New Monthly Enrollment Verification Requirement

Starting December 17, 2021, Post 9/11 GI Bill® Students are required to verify they have remained enrolled in the same courses or training every month. Students who receive MHA/Kicker payments will have their payment withheld if they fail to verify or report, they are no longer enrolled in their courses or training. The VA has a current US mobile number on file for your GI Bill benefits, you will receive a text message to opt in. For additional questions or information, contact a VA representative at 1-888-442-4551.

Post 9/11 GI Bill® 

In accordance with Public Law 116-315, Johnny Isakson and Davis P. Roe, M.D. Veterans’ Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020, schools must submit tuition and fees after the school-imposed drop date.

REMOTE Act - Housing Online Payment Extension


Update for Post 9/11 GI Bill® Recipients and VR&E students receiving Post 9/11 GI Bill® Housing:

As of June 01, 2022, COVID-19 legislation that permits you to receive the Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) at the resident (in person) rate, while taking approved courses converted online training due to COVID-19 has ended. You will no longer receive the MHA at the resident (in person) rate for classes taken online (distance learning)When enrolling for courses after that date or any subsequent term, you will need to enroll in approved resident (in-person) classes to continue receiving your MHA at the in-resident rate. Otherwise, you will receive the online rate (half the national average).

For course enrollment at the University of Redlands, courses designated as Remote Campus, Hybrid, or Online are considered distance learningnon-resident (not in person). Courses designated as On-Campus, Lecture, On-Ground are considered in-resident.

Title 38 U.S. Code § 3679e

An institution cannot prevent the student's enrollment, assess a penalty including late fees to the student,

require the student to secure alternative or additional funding, or deny the student access to any resources 

including but not limited to access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities due to 

the delayed disbursement of payment by the VA – in which the student provides to the educational institution 

a Certificate of Eligibility or Statement of Benefits for entitlement to educational assistance under

VA Survivors and Dependents Educational (Chapter 35) 

Veteran Readiness and Employment (Chapter 31)

Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33)

Public Law 116-315, Section 1010

Effective August 01, 2021

Schools are now required to certify Post 9/11 GI Bill® student’s enrollment at the beginning of the semester and after the add-drop date.

  • Initial enrollments submitted prior to each semester / course start date
  • MVS will submit zero tuition and fees to the VA for processing of monthly housing allowance and book stipend 
  • The MVS office will amend the student enrollment, submitting tuition and fees to VA for processing of tuition and fees after the add-drop date
  • this will satisfy the second certifying mandate under P.L. 116

If a student applies to utilize their benefits after the add-drop date, the MVS office will submit the initial enrollment with tuition and fees and submit the second enrollment certifying the beneficiary’s enrollment after 48 hours. 

Beware – if courses have different start and end dates, add-drop dates will vary, so tuition and fee submission and payment dates will vary. 

Public Law 116-315, Section 1019

Schools (instead of students) are now responsible for the return of any tuition and fee overpayment within an established timeframe based on several reasons, ie, reduction in student enrollment. The payment may be more than, less than or equal to the amount crediting to a student’s account based on the school withdrawal and refund policy. UofR has the right to bill the student, if the debt is more than the credit balance the student currently has on their account.  A notification will be sent to the student regarding the charge. 

It is the student’s responsibility to make a payment in a timely manner.


By Checking the box below, I understand, I may incur a debt with the VA and/or University of Redlands or not be processed for my monthly stipend, if one of the following applies:*
By checking the boxes below, I will adhere to the following to avoid delay in processing VA Education Benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits :*
By checking the box below, I acknowledge I have read the below information in its entirety and I fully understand the information provided. If there are questions regarding my VA Education Benefits, I will contact UofR Military & Veteran Services Office. *

I certify that I have read, understand and agree to all the above policies and procedures on receiving my VA Education Benefits through the University of Redlands - Military & Veteran Services Office.

By signing below, I acknowledge I have read this document in its entirety and the above information is correct as of this date. I will notify the Military and Veteran Services Office immediately if there are any changes in the above information or if there are any changes in my schedule, program location or enrollment status.

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